Make law school about you.

The only supplement you will ever need from 1L to Practice.

MyLawSchool is a productivity based web and mobile application built and designed for law students by a team of law school graduates.
We know the demands that law students face on a regular basis, which is why our mission statement is to facilitate the lives of law students.
Discover exactly why over 40,000 students have already began, making law school about them.

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Law School Made Easy is free to join. The only restrictions a basic membership carries is the inability to partake or create courses and access the unlimited downloads supplement bank. You are free to use every other module as you want including saving documents to your cloud. As far as memberships go, we start as low as $4.99 a month.

About Us

We take pride in the two years it took us to craft each and every tool available from scratch.

Our Story

We started Lawschoolmadeeasy.com back in 2011 as a way to distribute study supplements for law students. We are now proud to reveal to the world the final version of our original vision was when we first started. This platform has been a work in the making for over a year and a half with countless man hours invested. Thus, it is a great honor to finally distribute to law students everywhere what has been deemed as, "the ultimate law school tool" by various law school professors who beta tested the platform.

I have been using MyLawSchool for just a couple of days and it's unbelievable how much work I can do in a short amount of time. I can easily tag cases and definitions like if I was on twitter; @internationalshoe gives me all the relevant notes and theories on the case right inside my outline! Seriously, this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

Law School Made Easy Testimonial
Maria Santana 1L Law Student
Practice Questions

Core Features

Our revolutionary law school platform revolves around three core features that have been individually designed to help law students fulfill their everyday tasks.

Ryan Teller



Each student has their personal briefcase which contains a quick notes pad, a legal pad, and an archiver. Each component fulfills a different purpose and the combination of all three provides each student an organized and effective way to keep track of their notes, thoughts, answers, and questions on the material.

Jonny Cash

Interactive Outlines


This is our pride and joy; create the ultimate outline. Students have at their fingertips a database containing over 100,000 cases and legal terms which can be readily and easily inputed into their notes by simply tagging them. It is as simple as writing @internationalshoe (@ for cases) or #battery (# for terms).

Mia Donovan



Students have the ability to not only participate in online course reviews complete with lectures, multiple choice questions, essay questions, interactive flow charts, and more; but, they also can create courses. Create your own private courses to review or make a group course and have your friends join in. We built easy to use tools which allow you to take your studies and study groups to the next level.

We guarantee that your productivity, retention, and understanding in law school will improve as soon as you begin using our features. Try our demo course and experience some of what we have to offer.

Our Features

With over 26 individual modules, we have something to offer every law student.


Write notes, create outlines, draft memos and much more backed with the power of our vast legal database which lets you instantly insert law and theories by easily tagging in your notes.


Take a review course or create your own complete with over 60,000 MC and Essay questions.

Study Groups

Share your interactive outlines and courses or join together as a study group to create the ultimate review sessions for your exams.

Unlimited Supplements

Never worry about an outline again! We have over 90,000 supplements readily available for download and as a member you receive unlimited downloads for life even if you cancel your membership.

Legal Resume Profiles

Every member receives a legal resume profile which can be easily edited and styled. In addition to this, you can easily apply to jobs we post from around the nation including internships and clerkships directly from your profile.

Get Rewarded

Everything you do on your account earns you "Gavels" which is just a fancy word for points that you can redeem for free gifts provided by us including coffee shop drinks, online retail gift cards, and bookstore credit.


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Registration is free to everyone, the only restriction is the inability to create and participate in our courses and no unlimited downloads of supplements. Our pricing is very flexible and is sure to increase after our first initial phase.

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