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Welcome to the first law school online learning and management system ever created, providing unique content and new methods to help you understand, rationalize, and retain the law.

Interactive e-learning modules designed to teach, understand, and retain.

No time to outline? Can't organize your notes? Or had too many "sick days"? Let us outline your course for you.

A massive collection of the best outlines categorized by course, professor, casebook, and law school.

Professor lectures, casebook summaries, review sessions, and more in an audio file for you.

Get an overview of a course and it's material or cram for that up and coming final exam with these study guides.

Professor lectures, casebook summaries, review sessions, and more in a video form for you.

Casebriefs modeled in IRAC form for all cases that your law course may cover.

Congratulations graduate! Find all the bar prep material that you will need soon here.

Searching for answers on the law? Or, you enjoy explaining the law? This is the place for it.

Thinking about law school? Dominate the LSAT with these supplements.

A collection of visual charts depicting the various legal theories and defenses you will cover in class.

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Our law school experiences led to the creation of these modules.

LSME was created for law students, by law school alumnus who have first-hand personal knowledge on what those three infamous years are like. After graduating law school, we set out to help law students who were just beginning their first year. After a year of providing individual tutoring sessions and conducting workshops, all while balancing our personal and professional lives right along with it, we created LSME. The principle and belief in which LSME was founded under was to reach law student we could nationwide in order to provide them with tools that would guarantee their law school success. With that said, we would like you to join us at LSME under that mission statement, which with over 10,000 law students trusting our services every semester, we can safely say that we are well on our way to our goal.

Registration is 100% at LSME, please sign up and experience the many tools and materials which will increase your efficiency, understanding, reasoning, and performance in any law school course, exam, or writing program during law school.

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