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From 1L to Practice LSME is the only supplement you will ever need.

Discover why over 30,000 law students trust LSME every semester.
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The Ultimate Study Buddy.

LSME is a suite of tools created exclusively for law students in order to help them during their law school years. LSME contains four core features which make up the build for over 30+ modules each tailored to help students meet their daily, semester, and overall goals by facilitating their learning and study experience.

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One of a kind, the first of its kind.

What makes LSME stand out as truly revolutionary is our legal database. The database currently contains over 350,000+ records of casebriefs, caselaw, authority algorithms, Q&As, MCQs, essay's, flashcards, and more which can be instantly accessed by the student at any time in the form of notes, quizzes, flashcards, outlines, and more via any device at any given moment.

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Learning | Retention | Understanding | Application

MyLawSchool improves your law school experience from the moment you sign up. By using our intuitive tools, you can immediately begin seeing the results as you find yourself understanding and using concepts via simply using our modules. MyLawSchool helps all students get better at learning, retaining, understanding, and applying the law no matter their skill level.

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Learn in one of our pre-made courses; or create your own.

Every course in LSME includes all of the following features which students can use as well to create their very own courses for themselves, or within a study group:

  • Interactive Lessons
  • Audio/Video Lectures
  • Interactive Outlines
  • Caselaw Timeline
  • Forums & Q&A's
  • Multiple Choice Quizzes & Answers
  • Essay Exams & Answers


Experience the ultimate note-taking platform.

The Legal Pad is what our students value the most at MyLawSchool. Empower your notes with the ability to instantly include any casebrief, caselaw, legal theory, hypothetical, quesion & answer, and more by simply tagging the content with the appropriate symbol. For example, typing "@" and proceeding to typing "personal jurisdiction" right after will instantly show results matching the query to insert within your notes. Decrease the time you expend on outlines, notes, and study guides and create the ultimate outline.

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Never worry about an outline ever again.

Access over 250,000+ documents anytime from any device and edit/annotate/highlight them as you wish. Unlimited downloads are included in your membership so you never have to worry about obtaining an outline from a class. Additionally, you can employ our legal editors to outline a class personally for you. By using your syllabus our editors can outline your entire course including all cases, legal theories, hypotheticals, problem sets, etc. that your professor covered.

Student Cloud

Every member receives a free cloud storage system for all of your docs, images, and videos.


Create a profile and interact with other students from around the country or your school.

Legal Resumes

Create a modern and living resume which updates as you progress along your law school career.

Sell Outlines

Put your created outlines in our marketplace and make money off your work.

Sell Courses

Create in-depth courses for your specific school, course, or professor and sell them to others.

Study Groups

Form study groups with your friends and assign tasks, keep track of work, and come together to create courses and docs.


Track your daily to do lists, semester goals, and overall calendar sync'd with your google iCal.


Highlight anything on the site, add your own side note, and choose to share it with others or keep it private.

WHAT Students SAY

  • During my second semester as a 1L I discovered your service of custom outlines and I cannot emphasize how greatly they have benefited me. During my first semester I spent roughly 85% of my study time outlining. But, thanks to your service I can concentrate on actually learning.
  • I have been using MyLawSchool for just a couple of days and it's unbelievable how much work I can do in a short amount of time. I can easily tag cases and definitions like if I was on twitter; @internationalshoe gives me all the relevant notes and theories on the case right inside my outline! Seriously, this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.
  • Honestly, i've hated law school from day 1 because of the dullness and repetitiveness. I can further honestly attest to the fact that creating courses and outlines on LSME is by far the most entertaining thing I have done since oral arguments 1L year.

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The Ultimate Law School Supplement


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  • 200GB Storage
  • 20 Email Addresses
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  • Endless Support


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* Our premium membership pricing is as follows: You will be charged $29.99 upon signing up as a one-time fee. After your first month, you will be charged a monthly fee of $4.99 as a service charge for as long as you maintain an account at the premium level; you can cancel anytime without penalty. Please see the semester membership for a plan without monthly billing.